Sunday, April 21, 2013

Backyard Birding

We love to sit on our lanai and watch the birds. Bill had to fill the feeders every day while the American Goldfinches were getting ready for their trip north. We watched as they got yellower and yellower, then, one day last week they all just disappeared. We haven't seen one since - and our feeders are staying full MUCH longer!

We always see lots of Eastern Bluebirds.

They don't usually eat at the feeders, but will sit on top of a tree or on the feeder pole looking for bugs.

Another frequent visitor is the Tufted Titmouse.

For the last week we've seen Blue Grosbeaks. They like to eat the sunflower seeds that have dropped from the feeders. This picture was taken through the screened lanai window. I'm trying to get a better shot but they are very nervous and fly away as soon as I appear.

There are ALWAYS Mourning Doves eating under the feeders.

The Grey Squirrels have FINALLY discovered the feeders behind the house. Up until last week they were only in the front yard - never venturing behind the house or into the open space for fear of the hawks.

We have a Gopher Tortoise that lives behind the house. Usually, he doesn't venture more than a few feet from his burrow - but last week, Bill encountered him beside the house - and in quite a hurry to get someplace. We think maybe he was looking for a friend. We encouraged him to go back and watched as he walked behind all the houses heading to the protected field at the far end of the street where other Gopher Tortoises live.

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