Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Walk at Fountain Creek

It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a walk at Fountain Creek Nature Center. The sky was clear and the sun was warming the crisp morning temperatures.

Colorado Springs has had a difficult week with a couple of devastating wild fires. One of our major tourist attractions, the Royal Gorge Bridge Park was leveled - but the famous bridge remains intact with only slight damage. Black Forest lost almost 500 homes to the worst wildfire in Colorado Springs' history - but today the television stations have stopped their 24/7 coverage, the fire is mostly under control, and life goes on.

There seem to be more butterflies this year than we've seen in past years - and they are beautiful.

This Hairy Woodpecker was close to the start of the trail looking for breakfast.

The Swallows are plentiful. Can you see the little mouth looking for food?

What a nice Father's Day sighting! The baby Robin was out of the nest but papa was still bringing food.

...and the baby was most appreciative! Thanks Dad!

Our first Bullock's oriole of the season.

A Black-headed Grosbeak is always nice to see. We were serenaded by the many Yellow Warblers flitting in the tree tops, but they weren't in the mood for pictures today.

The twins were out having a drink...

...while mamma duck stayed close by.

As we headed back this beautiful Red-tailed Hawk flew overhead. The skies are beginning to darken and we are all hoping for rain - even thought it will bring the Father's Day barbecue indoors.

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