Friday, January 31, 2014

Birding with Beth: Venetian Gardens

Beth wanted to see a Purple Gallinule so we were off to Leesburg, Fl. Sightings are guaranteed at the 64-acre Venetian Gardens park on the west shore of Lake Harris.

Purple Gallinules are large chicken-like birds with beautiful blue and purple feathers and a striking red, yellow and light blue bill. They have HUGE feet that allow them to walk on top of lake & pond vegetation.

 They look similar to Coots (black with white bill) and Common Gallinules (black with red bill) but definitely take the beauty queen crown.

This is a juvenile and does not have the pretty bill yet.

Beth says she see so many yellow-rumped Warblers that she wasn't going to take any more pictures of them - but I did.

An Anhinga was drying his wings in the sunshine.

The ponds are beautiful BUT there is too much litter especially by the bridges where people fish.

And, I hate to see people feed the birds. I know they mean well...

...but it's just not right seeing White Ibis beg for scraps!

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