Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coyote, Birds & Quilts

Bill and I watched with amusement while our resident Coyote stalked what he hoped was dinner - Crows!

The birds played his game for a long time - letting him get closer and closer and then jumping ahead just far enough to keep him interested. This went on for about 20 minutes before the Crows tired of the game and moved on.

This was an especially beautiful Blue Jay visiting the feeders on a gorgeous sunny day.

The Goldfinches are eating us out of house and home - but we love them.

Today we went walking near Johnson Pond. Our find of the day was this Eastern Towhee scratching in the leaves looking for insects.

His partner was nearby.

I'm enjoying my new sewing area. I finished my doggy tribute "Tegan's Quilt" New Year's Day and sent it off Tegan's parents.

Continuing my animal theme - this one is a tribute to cats because every little boy needs a cat on his bed.

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