Monday, December 29, 2008


Bill headed to the R/Sea Hawks Park before dawn this morning to fly his plane so I went walking around Parker Lakes just as the sun was coming up. It was cool before dawn - around 60 degrees - so I had to wear a light sweatshirt (definitely not necessary by the time I got home).

This is the fishing pier down by the clubhouse. I love the reflections!

These cute rabbits were playing in the gardens. In all of the pictures I took of them, their eyes look like they are shinning. I bet there is a name for that.

I shot this picture down by the playground. Seconds after I took it the heron caught a small fish and flew away.

Bill thinks these are the ugliest ducks he's ever seen. He says they look like a bad case of in-breeding, over-breeding and cross-breeding! The city of Naples doesn't like them much either because they have adopted some of the parks as home and leave a terrible mess on the picnic tables.

As I headed back home, I met Max and his owner out for their morning walk.

Although he looks like a small collie, Max is actually a Shetland Sheepdog or "Sheltie." According to Shelties are intelligent, loving and loyal and make great companions but may not do well with children or strangers.

I know this is true because one of my co-workers had a Sheltie that he brought in to work one day. The dog ran into my office, took one look at me and began to bark incessantly. My friend came in to see what all the commotion was about and found me standing on my desk. I was so upset I had to go home. I think Max is a MUCH nicer dog!

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