Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunny and Warm

Bill and I flew back to sunny Fort Myers on Saturday. Our neighbors picked us up at the airport. The warm air felt great! I had dressed in layers so I could easily shed some clothes once we arrived.

My sister and her husband are spending the month on Fort Myers Beach so we got together for brunch on Sunday. Bill cooked and it was delicious - but the company was even better. I don't see my sister as much as I would like.

After our brunch we headed to Six-Mile Cypress Slough to walk the 1.2 mile boardwalk through the nature preserve.

My sister is as interested the local flora and fauna as I am. We both had our cameras clicking. Since she also posts her pictures on her blog - our entries may look similar. She calls it "dueling blogs."

Check out the alligator! He was huge - but completely uninterested in us and kept napping - which was fine by me - but I would have liked a better shot of his head. There were two turtles sun bathing on the same log.

Off to the left, I thought I saw something move and pointed it out to my sister. She correctly identified it as a small green heron.

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