Monday, December 15, 2008


I skipped the gym today and instead took a nice long walk around the complex. I met Triscuit, who was out for his morning walk as well. Triscuit is a Yorkie.

As I photograph dogs - and work with the still pictures, looking at their cute little faces - I definitely feel more comfortable being close to them. Of course here at Palmer Lakes, the dogs are mostly small designer dogs - not much of a threat. But it's still a start.

I spotted this critter who seemed to stop and pose for me. I just couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures.

This is a Muscovy Duck. We see them all the time around one of the ponds by the clubhouse. They are year-round Florida residents but, like us snowbirds, are not originally native to Florida. They have been released in urban areas - and seem to enjoy their new surroundings.

Yesterday we drove over to Pine Island and out to Bokeelia at the northern tip. The fishing piers were teaming with birds and I wanted to get some pictures of Pelicans diving into the water and catching fish - but it is obvious I need lots of practice!

Beth and Warren.

This fabulous old tree was by the parking area so I lingered a couple more minutes to take this picture.

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