Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Beautiful Visitor

Our backyard continues to delight us. When we returned home from an aborted trip to Yellowstone Park (we got as far as the hospital in Denver - but that's another story) we found this Bullock's Oriole enjoying the berries on the bushes that grow by our back fence.

The peanut butter we smear on a hanging log lured him over to the bird feeder. I scattered cranberries around, put out a slice of orange and added an oriole feeder with sugar water to the array of hanging feeders we have in the yard already. We would like to encourage him to stay the summer.

Bullock's Orioles are west of the Mississippi while their close cousins, Baltimore Orioles are found in the east.

His markings are spectacular - bright orange and yellow with black cap, eye band and chin. His wings are black and white. The female is a duller yellow-green with less black. They are both beautiful.

At one point, there were two pair of orioles in the bushes and it was prettier than a Christmas tree.

This is the last glimpse we had of the Western Tanager before he left for another year.

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