Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Visit to the Dentist

We had a delightful surprise yesterday when we spotted another Western Tanager in the yard and he is still hanging around here today.

They are usually gone by now. I keep notes in my guide book - and this is the latest they have migrated through in the past several years. I don't blame them one bit for staying further south just a little longer - I wish we had!

This morning I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned by a young, energetic dental hygienist. I know that doesn't sound very interesting, but I am also a dental hygienist and I marvel at how the profession has changed since I graduated from Penn Dental in the mid-60's.

We were trained to work standing up in our stiff white uniforms, white stockings & shoes and perky little caps, that had to be set just so on your head. The faculty was as concerned with the length of our hems as they were with our scaling and polishing techniques. All of our hems had to hit at exactly the same distance from the floor (they used a ruler) so that when we stood as a group side-by-side - all our hems lined up. Now we had girls in the class that ranged from just under 5 feet to our basketball star at just under 6 feet. The short gal was happy - but the tall one definitely was not!

Pierced ears were the newest rage back then - but we were not allowed to wear any jewelry. One evening at a social gathering, we all decided to pierce our ears. I did several pairs by putting an ice cube behind the ear lope to numb it and sticking a needle through. The next day we all showed up for dress inspection with band-aids covering our new earrings. Our clinical instructor was not happy!

I got married during my time at Penn (I subscribed to the early and often approach to marriage) and after that was not allowed to socialized with the girls in the dorms. They were afraid I might discuss ....sex... like no one else had ever heard of it!!

Clinical techniques have changed so much since those days - I'd never be able to go back - but it was fun (and paid well) while it lasted.

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