Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Birds are Back

Things seem to be going well in the backyard. The ponds are up and running and the motion activated flood lights are keeping the raccoons away - for the time being. The bushes are trimmed back and the grass is mowed. It's been too cold to plant our flowers but that hasn't kept the birds away.

This beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler, the most common warbler in Colorado, is enjoying the pond. I remember my father telling me that May is warbler month, so I have been on the look-out for some less common types - but so far this has been the lone visitor from the warbler family.

The Downy Woodpeckers like the peanut-buttery mixture we spread on the log feeder. Unfortunately, so do the Starlings - which means we have to butter the log almost every day.

Back at the birdhouse, the Mountain Chickadees have definitely moved in. I really enjoy watching them go back and forth.

This poor Robin must have been cold. I think he fluffed out his feathers to stay warm. We had another snow squall this morning but it didn't amount to anything. I am so-o-o ready for warm weather!

The House Finches are abundant - along with English Sparrows, Scrub Jays, Robins, Grackles, Starlings, Mourning Doves and Robins. Lots of Hummingbirds have buzzed by. The White-capped Sparrow is still hanging around and yesterday I caught a glimpse of a Chipping Sparrow. Hopefully, the Western Tanagers will arrive soon. They only stay about a week so we've been watching for them and have made sure there are plenty of berries scattered around. Today I saw our first Towhee of the season (they like the berries too) and a couple of Blue Jays stopped by for a drink. I certainly enjoy our yard!

My daughter, Pamela, sent me these beautiful Spring Tulips for Mother's Day. I've enjoyed them so much!

Tonight, I'm hosting Bunko and have been busy baking, cleaning and moving furniture getting ready for a dozen lady friends. Our house is small, so the coffee table, chairs and a lot of the clutter is hidden in the bedrooms.

For dessert, I made a fruit cocktail cake from a recipe I've had since the 60's. Good thing I tested the recipe earlier this week, because it needed tweaking at our mile-high altitude. The first test cake exploded all over the oven and the second one looked more like a pancake - and was so chewy you would have thought I used gum in the recipe. I made the third one this morning - and it LOOKS right. Bill calls it my $100 cake. Guess I won't know until tonight if it tastes good - but I figure if you squirt enough whipped cream on it - no one will care.

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