Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daytona Beach

Over the weekend Bill and I drove across the state on Route 40 to attend the Wings and Waves Air Show at Daytona Beach. Just before we reached the main intersection in Barbersville, we watched in horror as a Jeep Cherokee raced through a stop sign and broad-sided the brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle directly in front of us. The rider flew in the air and landed in a heap on the side of the road. The Jeep spun around - and then kept on going! We followed it for a couple of miles until parts of the front end started flying off and littering the road, but he was going so fast, he buried us in his dust and I couldn't get a picture to try and identify the car. We found out later that he was already running from the police when he hit the bike.

Back at the intersection, help arrived to take care of the injured rider. Her husband is on the left.

She was air lifted to a local hospital. I hope she will be okay.

Biketober Fest is just getting underway in Daytona Beach, minus two attendees.

The Air Show is an annual event - and what an amazing event it was!!! Note the Coast Guard boat in the background. There was a long line of boats and yachts anchored off shore watching the excitement.

This looks like a toy - but it isn't. It's a P-51 Mustang "Crazy Horse." Bill and I were amazed when we looked at the pictures and realized my camera actually stopped the prop!

These are the Canadian Snowbirds.

My attention was temporarily diverted. How nice it was to be at the beach and enjoy the shore birds!

This was an unbelievable demonstration with an F-22 Raptor - the Air Force’s newest fighter aircraft (top), the P-51 Mustang, and an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

How could I not take a picture of this beautiful Brown Pelican flying in formation with the planes?

Or this Osprey looking for a meal?

This group of gulls didn't seem to mind the noise or the crowds.

This is the Geico Skytypers Airshow Team flying vintage WWII SNJ-2 airplanes.

Everyone was enjoying the beach, the waves, the sun and the show!

Well, almost everyone.

For more information on the show, the performers and the planes, visit http://www.wingsandwaves.com/

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