Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fountain Creek Nature Center

It's always a nice walk at Fountain Creek. If we get to see some birds - all the better!

There are always lots of Barn Swallows flying around the Visitor's Center.

The Red-winged Blackbirds are certainly noisy!

This one had me stumped - but I've decided it is a female Yellow Warbler. What a cute little face!

The Yellow Warbler from the back.

I think I take this bunny's picture every time we visit.

This woodpecker really caught our eye because she was so big - much larger than a Downy. It must be a Hairy Woodpecker.

Another view.

No sooner did we tentatively identify the Hairy when we spotted this Downy so we could compare the two. I was amazed at the difference in size - a good 3 inches.

The White-breasted Nuthatches are cute little energetic birds.

I love listening to the House Wrens. They may be plain birds - but they sure can sing!

Lots of Phoebes hunting for insects.

A female Mallard and her babies.

So cute!

We saw other creatures including this unidentified butterfly....

...and this small lizard.

Another look at the House Wren. I wonder what she is pondering.

Back at the homestead, I decided I'd better take some pictures of the yard. We are having storms almost every afternoon with threats of hail and tornadoes. A good hail storm and these flowers would be done. Bill says he hopes these pics are not the "before."

We like to keep the yard somewhat rustic as it draws more birds.

We are seeing more House Finches than anything else these days. Yesterday, I saw only one Cedar Waxwing - so the major influx has ended. We are seeing a couple of Lesser Goldfinches - but certainly not the quantity we've had some years. But we keep looking!

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