Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vinny and Lori

We had a wonderful visit with friends from Ocala, Vinny and Lori. They are here in Colorado visiting Lori's little sister, Maggie. On Monday, Bill took them up into the mountains to see Cripple Creek, where we ate lunch and the mining operations in Victor.

 Vinny and Lori with Cripple Creek in the background.

This is the house in Victor where Bill lived in the 70's with his wife and two young daughters. Bill had an art gallery in Cripple Creek before gambling came to town. In the winters, he worked at the Cripple Creek/Victor Mine as an assayer. His previous residence is abandoned now.

This is the view from in front of the house. The building in the right of the picture is Bill's kiln where he fired his pottery.

Another view of Victor from the house.

Some of the abandoned mining operations.

And a view of the huge gold mining operations that go on today.

Vinny and Lori posing in one of the old truck tires. The trucks are massive.

Each time we visit, Bill and I can't believe how much the mining operations have grown. That little dot in the middle of the picture is one of the massive trucks.

The next evening Vinny and Lori brought Maggie over for a BBQ.

Since Bill was making steaks, he lit the charcoal barbecue.

The steaks were gorgeous and HUGE!

The master at work...

They smelled so good...

Lori and Vinny relaxing with a little wine from the cellar.

 Maggie with Lori & Vinny.

Vinny decided he needed to get in on the action!

It must have been a good picture!

Yum, asparagus on the grill!

Almost ready to dig in!

Waiting eagerly for the feast to begin!

Time to eat!!

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