Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wildflower Walk in Palmer Park

...and a couple of birds too! It was a beautiful morning - temps in the 60's, gentle breeze. It was a little hazy - smoke from wildfires in Arizona - but not terrible. Bill was looking for a Rose-breasted Grosbeak - but had to settle for this Black-headed Grosbeak.

The very common Towhees were everywhere.

We walked the Yucca Trail and the wildflowers were in full bloom.

The female Black-headed Grosbeak was not far from the male.

Bill calls these sunflowers.

and these he calls Indian paint Brush.

Neither of us know what these are.

The Yucca are everywhere. Even in full bloom, I don't think they are very pretty.

These lovely purple flowers are common. They smell like a kind of onion.

Wild Roses?

You can see the haze blocks a crisp, clear view of the Peak.

This fuzzy wonder was about 3-inches across.

The Yucca flowers are pink before they open...

...and white after.

More sunflowers.

This Black-billed Magpie was waiting for us back in the parking lot.

Nice walk - thanks Bill!

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