Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just a Couple More Waxwings (I Promise!)

Yes, the Cedar Waxwings are still here and in as many numbers as before. I swear they are not going to leave a single bud on our bushes.

We still see an occasional Black-headed Grosbeak.

But the Waxwings are the stars of the yard.

I love the Robins.

This picture shows the red waxy projections at the end of the feathers that give them their name.

Over the weekend we went to La Junta, Colorado to watch some baseball. Naturally, we went the long way and did a little birding. The next three pictures are of a Swainson's Hawk being pursued by a Western Kingbird. That nasty kingbird would not leave him alone!

We stopped at a pond where we saw this Lark Sparrow.

Another Western Kingbird.

 It was quite a surprise to see Black-crowned Night Herons. There were about a dozen in the trees on the other side of the pond.

One more shot of the Lark Sparrow.

During the break between baseball games we visited the Comanche National Grasslands just south of La Junta.

This was very cool - what remains of a stage coach route through the area.

On our way back to Colorado Springs, we heard that there were terrible storms in town. This was the view from east of town.

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