Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Couple of Birds and a Little Nostalgia

The sun came out yesterday for a short time so Bill and I headed to the park. I wanted to locate a trail that I could see on the trail map but that I have never, to my knowledge, hiked. I took the GPS so I could track our walk and compare it to the trail map. The GPS also tells us exactly how far we have walked and we can reverse the route if we get lost. Well, even with the maps and our high-teck GPS, we never found the trail - but we had a great walk anyway!

Just being together, outdoors in the park, enjoying the beautiful views, flowers and wildlife is a privilege, one that I appreciate more and more as I get older. The busier I am, the healthier I eat, and the more exercise I get - the better I feel. Now if I could just shed a few pounds.....

We continue to enjoy the young fledglings both here at home and on the trail. I assume from the incomplete coloring that this House Finch is a younger male.

This Western Scrub Jay still has his baby feathers and is just starting to get his azure-blue coloring. These are gorgeous birds but, like other jays, are loud and obnoxious.

While we were looking up in the trees for birds, we saw this chipmunk out on a limb. I don't know why it surprised me to see him up in a tree - but it did.

This bush must be especially hearty (or stubborn) growing on this dry, rocky out-cropping. It's stunted size reminded us of a Bonsai tree.

After our hike we made our almost daily trip to the grocery store and got caught in a severe storm. We had to sit in the car in the parking lot as the hail pelted the car and everything around us. While we were shopping, we could hear it pouring outside - so we took our time and it stopped as quickly as it started. Back at the house, we checked the rain gauge and it was dry. We found out later that two tornadoes had touched down just west of here. You gotta love the weather here in Colorado!

Today, Bill and I are meeting his oldest grandson at Red Lobster for lunch. He has been working there all summer, waiting tables to earn money for college expenses. He starts next week.

I remember my first day of college - U of P Dental Hygiene School, 40th and Spruce in Philadelphia. I had a full scholarship because daddy was a professor at Penn, teaching zoology to pre-med students. I lived at home, so I drove my brand new 1964 Corvair Monza (maroon with black interior and a three speed on the floor) everyday into the city. I picked up a classmate, Ginger, on the way. She helped pay for gas - which was 25 cents a gallon for Esso Plus. It will be more complicated - and expensive - for Kyle - but I know he'll do great and have the time of his life. We wish him the very best!

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