Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red-tailed Hawk

While visiting friends in Alamosa over the weekend, I stopped to take this picture of a Red-tailed Hawk perching on top of a pole. Red-tailed are the most common of the hawks I see in Colorado. They are large birds - 19 to 25 inches long with a wing span that can be up to 4 feet. Their colors ranges from dark brown to nearly all white.

Yesterday, during a short hike in Palmer Park, I found this rock. It looks like any other rock in the park except......

It's hollow! Just perfect to hide a micro-cache inside. The cache container is a small stainless steel pill box that I covered with camouflage colored duck tape. Inside the container is a piece of paper for people to log their visit with name and date.

One of our other caches, Leverite, is inside a similar rock that we found at Pulpet Rock Park. I can't believe I've found two hollow rocks! There must be a geological explanation - maybe it's a geode gone bad.

Since this is our second hollow rock find, Bill wants to take it to Florida and place it there. I'm afraid the Colorado rock will look out of place in Florida - but I guess we'll see.

Five weeks from today Bill and I along with our new pet rock leave for a two week road trip visiting friends in Missouri and Kansas and family in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland on our way to our winter home in Fort Myers. I'm especially looking forward to seeing my four grandsons along the way.

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