Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Sister Beth

Today is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Beth! This picture was taken around 1947 shortly after her little sister (me) was born. Just look at those beautiful curls! I always thought it was unfair that she got mother's curls. Still do!

She looked much happier when she was an only child. Probably was!

We didn't like each other very much when we were kids. Not only did she get the curls - she got the brains and amazing artistic talent. She could do everything better than I could and I was jealous. Still am.

Here we are - looking like everything is hunky-dory. Our grand-mother made our dresses and did the hand smocking. Mine is probably a hand-me-down - Nana always liked Beth the best. I look like a brat in this picture - but I'm sure it was Beth's fault. She probably pulled my pigtails - then smiled that angelic smile.

This is Beth's High School graduation picture. Check out those glasses! She graduated with honors and went on to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the same college that our father attended before he went on to teach at Colorado College here in Colorado Springs and, after WWI, the University of Pennsylvania.

It was when Beth was in college that we finally became friends. As we get older, I appreciate her more and more. She is an amazing women. Married to Warren, they have two daughters, Lisa and Suzanne and a new granddaughter, Amelia.

This family picture was taken in 1968, after Beth graduated from college and came back to the Philadelphia area to work. I was already married - the one thing I could do better than my sister. I was like a Chicago voter and married early and often.

Beth, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I can't wait to see you and Warren again in December. I love you.

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Elizabeth said...

Aw shucks! I should add for all your faithful readers that you also went to every senior prom within a 50 mile radius of our house while I geeked it out at home. Talk about opposites as children! Me mousy brown hair and brown eyes and little sister with huge dimples, blonde hair and startingly blue eyes. I always figured it wasn't fair either. She should also note that our IQs varied by one point so the me bright, her not is a cop out!!!!!