Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coffee, Conversation and an Unusual Encounter

This morning I met my very good friend, Nancy, at Einsteins for coffee and chit-chat. Nancy and I always have a great time and the clock spins when we get together. We talked about everything from the death of Ted Kennedy and health insurance to children, grandchildren, sisters, husbands and girlfriends (ours, not theirs!).

During the conver-sation, I looked out the window and saw this most beautiful parrot sitting on the railing outside the coffee shop. I went out to investigate and take a picture with my phone camera - when the police arrived. I thought he was going to arrest the bird for loitering but he just wanted to make sure the bird was with someone and not an escapee from the local zoo.

The owner was inside the coffee shop - but came out to rescue his bird - who apparently comes to the shop on a regular basis - and calmly waits outside while his owner gets coffee and a sandwich.

The owner asked if I wanted to hold him and, of course, I said yes! Nancy took my phone and took the pictures. I told the bird he was beautiful and was rewarded with kisses - much to my delight.

Now, having the picture on my phone and getting it into my computer was a challange! I had no idea you could send a picture to an e-mail address! I learned something new.

My afternoon was no where as exciting or enjoyable. Today I had my annual mammogram.

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