Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday was COLD. The wind blew and it did not even reach 60 degrees - but Gabriel had his heart set on going to the beach - so we headed to Lovers Key to collect shells. We bundled up but Gabriel insisted on wearing his bathing suit and the new flip-flops his mom just bought him.

We collected for about 45 minutes before Pamela turned blue and Gabriel decided he had had enough. Since he had gone in the water he was cold, wet, tired and, I think, a little disappointed. After all this is Florida and we had promised him warm and sunny.

This is Pamela having fun at the beach.

Fortunately, today was another story. It was sunny and beautiful - still only in the low 70's but after yesterday, we thought it was wonderful!

Gabriel wanted to go to another beach (can you blame him?) so we went to Bowditch Point. He went in the water with his Daddy, collected shells and played in the sand. Life was good again!

Pamela has a beautiful family!

Here is Sebastian enjoying his day at the beach. What a happy baby he is!

Tomorrow, the boys are heading to the airpark to see the military planes fly. If it's nice - maybe Pamela and I will head to the pool.

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