Thursday, January 8, 2009


For the last two days low tide has been early in the morning, so Bill and I have gone to the beach to walk.

Just after sunrise, we headed south to Lovers Key. Bill took the camera and got some fabulous shots while I picked up shells. We had the beach to ourselves and it was wonderful.

We both love the way the salt water has weathered the wood on these dead trees.

Bill stood on the beach with the camera for a long time waiting to get a picture of this Osprey returning to the nest. The Osprey has a stick in his talons. The female is patiently waiting.

Another couple who was out early to gather shells stopped and took our picture. We look like a couple of beach bums.

This is an American Oyster-catcher. What beautiful birds!

My finds of the day!

Early the next morning we walked the beach from Times Square up to Bowditch Point. Along the way we spotted this nesting pair of Ospreys along one of the nature trails. Not to be outdone with the picture Bill took yesterday, I too wanted one of the Osprey returning to the nest.

We worked together. Bill watched while one of the birds took off to gather twigs. I stayed at the nest with my camera ready to get a shot of him returning. Bill yelled when he saw him heading back.

It was quite windy and this branch was almost too big for him to handle! It was amazing to watch him fix it in the perfect position for his nest.
Around the point there was a pod of dolphins playing in the surf. Because it was low tide, they were very near to shore. I probably took 30 pictures and got lots of pictures of fins - but was just not quick enough to get a perfect picture of them jumping.

This is my best shot.

Bill brought along his kite and flew it.

As we were heading back to the car we saw this bike. Obviously recovered from the ocean, it was covered with barnacles and was an interesting piece of art - "For Sale, Best Offer (over $100!)."

Bill is off flying his RC plane this morning and I'm getting caught up on projects here at the house.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we are heading to Orlando to attend the FUN Show - one of the largest coin shows in the country. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends.

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