Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sandhill Cranes

Bill and I went to Orlando to attend a coin show. On the way he wanted to take a short detour to check out "Fantasy of Flight." I knew it would make me late, but reluctantly I agreed.

On the way I spotted these magnificent Sandhill Cranes. Suddenly, the coin show was not a priority and I quickly scrambled for my camera and started taking pictures.

Bill was stopped along the road. A policeman came along and asked if he was broken down and he told him "no, I just have this crazy wife who has to take pictures of birds." Apparently, the officer understood as he let him wait patiently.

These beautiful birds are huge - among the tallest in the world, standing 4 feet tall with a wingspan up to seven feet! The red head really stands out.

After we left Orlando we drove around Lake Okeechobee and saw lots more birds including a Bald Eagle. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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QuilterB said...

Great pictures! Another endangered species caught "on film". Sis