Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to Palmer Park

Bill and I went for a short hike in Palmer Park. I'm still working to increase my stamina after hip surgery and the altitude here in Colorado Springs has slowed the process a bit; but, it was great to get out in the park again. 

We were amazed at the number of Black-headed Grosbeaks we saw and heard. I don't think I realized before what wonderful song birds they are.

This happy, happy male was singing his heart out.

The view of Pikes Peak from high up in the park is awesome. Note the amount of snow still on the top. I'm sure more will melt as the day progresses as it is already in the 80's.

 Scrub Jays were out in numbers. They usually sit on top of a pine tree.

I always love the Spotted Towhees with their bright red eyes and signature song.

We occasionally have towhees in the yard - but sightings are guaranteed in Palmer Park just around the corner.

For those faithful followers who never tire of bird pictures, I created a Picasa album with the birds from our recent Texas trip here: . Since this is my first try with a Picasa album, let me know if the link does not work, please.

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