Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chestnut-sided Warbler from South Padre Island Fallout

I've just about finished going through the thousands of pictures I took in South Texas. We visited the Bentsen Rio Grande World Birding Center, Santa Ana National Park, the South Padre Island Convention Center (where the major fallout had occurred just over a week previous) and Sable Palm Sanctuary on the border with Mexico. Most of the warblers were photographed in the gardens next to the convention center.

The Chestnut-sided Warblers were present in numbers at the convention center. This was one of 38 Life Birds we added to our list!! Yes, 38!! (Plus a couple that I didn't get pictures of so, according to the family rule, they don't count).

 It took a lot of study to identify the birds in their various plumages. Hopefully, I haven't made too many mistakes - but please let me know if I have.

Volunteers had put out lots of food in the many gardens around the convention center for the tired and hungry migrants. When they first arrived, there were so many, they littered the walks and people had to watch where they stepped.

The warblers landed in trees, on railings and on the ground quite close to the cameras so we were able to get some excellent shots.

Photographers set up "scenes" with flowers, water, food, and perches to get the perfect shot. It was amusing.

The venue even had nice bathrooms that they opened for all the spectators.

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