Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bronzed Cowbird

It's hard to know where to begin. Bill and I took the birders' route from our winter home in Ocala, Florida to  our summer home in Colorado Springs, Colorado and had the adventure of a lifetime! We spent several days in South Texas and saw dozens of new Life Birds. I took about 4000 pictures which I have just started to go through. This blog is about one of the more interesting encounters we had.

This is a Bronzed Cowbird - male. He is all puffed up trying to impress a female who was standing near-by.

He strutted around until he had her full attention.

Then he flew up until he was directly over her.

He turned and bobbed...

...checking to make sure she was still engaged before landing right in front of her.

He continued to puff up and strut around...

...but she did not seem one bit interested and turned and walked away.

She left him standing all alone...

...and continued on her way.

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