Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Fabulous Day in the Cruff-Baker Backyard

 I've never seen a more beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler! The bright yellow throat indicates it is an "Audubon's Warbler" which is a sub-species of Yellow-rumped.

Every time I looked out the window today, I saw beautiful birds. The Bullock's Orioles were thick. I saw as many as 4 at a time.

The Western Tanagers were also out in numbers.

 I am absolutely amazed at the amount of yellow on the Audubon Warbler! This is a different bird from the one at the beginning of the blog and has slightly different markings.

Even the Hermit Thrush was back.

And I have to admit - if it was the awful snow and cold that caused this phenomenal showing of beautiful birds - then I guess I'll put up with it - maybe even welcome it.

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