Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cedar Waxwings, Plumbeous Vireo, Black-headed Grosbeak and more Adventures!

We continue to see quite a few Western Tanagers in the yard every day - but not in the numbers as last week. The males that are here seem to have less red on their face. Perhaps they are younger or non-breeding. We are seeing as many females as males.

Yesterday we again walked at the Fountain Valley Nature Center. The Red-winged Blackbirds are pretty - but boy are they noisy!

This is a lousy picture - but it is proof that we saw a new Life Bird - a Plumbeous Vireo. I would not have had a clue what it was but there were a couple of other birders in the area who identified it for us.

The House Wrens were thick. They have a beautiful song and I really enjoyed watching them flit around in the trees.

The Yellow Warblers were also out in numbers. They too have a wonderful song. The woods were alive and it was wonderful.

There were more White Pelicans on the lake. This one must be a pre-breeding adult as indicated by the growth (keel) on his bill (culmen}.

With so many birds in the yard, I put out another feeder - but it only lasted a couple of hours before it was discovered by one of our little 4-legged friends. Our other feeder has a squirrel and raccoon baffle that keeps them away from the goodies.

Another first for the year in the yard - a Black-headed Grosbeak. Bill raised the dome on the feeder for him...

...and he quickly came over to investigate.

This is a Eurasian Collared Dove (see the black collar on his neck?). I only took the picture as reference. They are loud and obnoxious birds.

What a wonderful surprise last night! We were overrun with Cedar Waxwings! We haven't had them in the yard for about 9 years - so this was a real treat.

We had about 3 dozen fly in.

 They are so beautiful! Look at the yellow on the tail and the red on the wing.

The group sat in the tree for the longest time while I sat on the patio waiting (hoping) they would come down.

While I waited, I enjoyed the flowers in the yard.

The male Black-headed Grosbeak came back for a snack.

And the waxwings stayed in the tree. I continued to wait not-so-patiently, camera in hand at the ready.

We always see lots of Chipping Sparrows.

...still in the tree.

FINALLY, my patience was rewarded!! The waxwings came down for a drink!

Dozens came down to the pond and filled the bushes.

I snapped away.

They are gone today - but maybe we will see them again.

 I don't know what these bushes are that we have in the yard - but the birds love them.

...and I love the birds!

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Olivia said...

I'm not sure, but the bushes may be serviceberries. All the birds LOVE the berries. So much so, you're lucky if you ever see them. The moment they're ripe, the birds strip the bushes. I understand they're edible for us too, but I've never had a chance to try them. The bushes are also native plants to the U.S.