Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Goldfinches are Returning!

I can't believe we are still seeing the male Western Tanager - but we are. I'm really hoping that he is nesting near by.

He's one of the most colorful I've seen.

The goldfinches are beginning to return. This is the more colorful American Goldfinch - the ones we also see in Florida.

 And this is a Lesser Goldfinch - our first of the season.

This one seems to be especially yellow which makes me wonder if it's a hybrid - mixed with American Goldfinch. That sometimes happens where their ranges overlap - like here.

The Cedar Waxwings have been around on and off every day. On Thursday afternoon, Bill and I headed to Sterling Colorado - in the northeast corner of the state. We spent the night and headed out first thing in the morning to drive the Pawnee Pioneer Trail through the National Grasslands. It was not what we expected - but that's a blog for another day!

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