Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fallout in the Baker-Cruff Backyard!

We had an amazing afternoon yesterday birding in our own backyard! I wonder if the recent storm didn't have something to do with it - maybe keeping the birds at a lower elevation away from the snow.

This is a new Life Bird for both Bill & me. It is a Virginia's Warbler as evidenced by the two bold yellow patches, complete eye ring and the small red patch on top of his head. This was a small, quickly moving bird and I took lots of pictures as I knew it was something I had not seen before.

You can see the red head patch in this shot.

I thought this one was especially cute as he peeked out from the bushes.

The Broad-tailed Hummingbirds were thick. I had to refill the feeder first thing this morning.

This one had me stumped for awhile - but I have decided it is a Hermit Thrush. It was a very small, round bird and I did not see him hang his wings down like American Robin's do. He stayed on the ground hiding under the bushes.

This time of the year, we watch for the return of the Western Tanagers and yesterday we were happily rewarded for our vigil.

He really tried to hide behind the power lines.

We'd had lots of Bushtits - tiny grey birds that are almost too quick to photograph.

...and we have had dozens of Chipping Sparrows flying through the area.

This was a lovely surprise - a beautiful male Bullock's Oriole! He must have been traveling with the Western Tanager. I see more and more evidence of similar colored birds migrating together.

A great day of birding right here at home! The snow storm was almost worth it!

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