Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is supposed to be warm, sunny and beautiful so we can plant all the colorful spring flowers - but it's not. It's dark, snowing like crazy, a miserable 33-degrees and windy as all-get-out. Yuck. It's too dark to take pictures today - this is one I took the day after we got back. Today everything is white and we have tablecloths and sheets over the plants we were silly enough to plant before June. 

Oh well - good thing I have beautiful fabric to sew. I'm working on another One-Block Wonder (big surprise there). The fabric is beachy and tropical. Pictures later.

Some of our regular friends have visited since we've been home. This is a Spotted Towhee calling for a mate. As you can see, our trees are full of buds and, for the first time ever, our Lilac bush is is ready to burst forth with abundant and delicious smelling purple flowers. Too bad it's going down into the 20's today. The hard freeze will probably kill them all. Bummer.

The neighbors were out for a stroll earlier this week - when the temps were in the 70's.

This handsome male Grackle looks angry.

But he knows he's beautiful and nicely posed for pictures...

...while his mate was hard at work gathering straw and twigs for their nest. A mother's work is never done...

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