Monday, November 10, 2008


Bill and I are back in the land of mittens & scarfs. When we left in September our backyard looked like the picture. Now it's shades of death - greys and browns. The fireplace is burning and one of our dear friends sarcastically wrote: "Congratulations on your timing! You might have missed the first heavy snow of the season had you waited just a day or two ... way to go!"

In my profile I say that I collect teapots made from cents. These tiny little masterpieces are made from either Wheat Cents or Indian Head Cents. The one pictured is made from a Wheat Cent and if you look at the bottom you can still see the design of the cent.

They were made by prisioners in New England by hitting the cent repeatedly with a spoon. I guess they had lots of time on their hands. The coins were not heated. Prison guards took the teapots into town and sold them for the inmates.

I have three in my collection and am always looking for more - but they are quite rare and hard to find. Some collectors have other items made the same way - cups, frying pans, etc.

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