Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holly and Lexie

This is Holly, a chiwawa. Holly is a sniffer and it was not an easy task to get her to stop long enough to have her picture taken. All those wonderful scents! Dogs must communicate with each other through their smells - doggie p-mail?

Holly's owner was especially nice and sent me a great e-mail with this story:
"Four years ago I adoped a rescue cat (Mia). Despite all my attempts (over 3 years) to get her to respond to me in a loving way she became "the cat from hell." My children obviously got tired of hearing my tales of woe - and Holly became my Christmas present last year. After worrying that Mia might take Holly's head off, I was amazed to find they became fast pals and tumble around most of the day.
Amazingly, Mia credits me with bringing her a friend and now "tolerates" me and even likes me on good days."

This cute Yorkie is Lexie. She weights in at all of five pounds but her owner said she is not one of the smallest. Teacup Yorkies can weigh as little as two pounds!

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